Choosing the Right Diamond Studs

Diamond earrings are one of the most classic jewelry pieces, if you want to attract attention with a bright sparkle while being outdoors they are just the right set to go with. So where to start off when choosing the diamond earrings? First of all you have to identify your budget.

1. Identify your budget

In diamond buying that's one important factor to start off with. The bigger the diamond, the more light can be refracted inside of it, thus bringing more sparkle. Same diamond 4C's applied when choosing the right set of diamond for your earrings. 

2. Choose the diamond shape

As for earrings the most popular shape is definitely a classic round diamond, but it doesn't mean that it's a rule to stick to, you can always choose any shape that you find attractive, but don't forget that face structure should be considered as well! For instance, diamonds with rectangular shapes (such as Radiants, Emeralds, Cushions) look best when complementing a broader face. Round, oval, marquee and Pear shapes are most suitable for thinner faces.

3.Choose the studs setting

There are various styles of studs setting, for instance you can choose a stud with 3 prongs or 4 prongs or a bezet set, there are much greater variety, we just mention the most popular ones. Overall any stud setting is beatiful it's all about what is more preferable to you.

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