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Payment and Shipping

Here is why you should shop with us…

Labrilliante takes pride in their work and full responsibility for everything they do. Labrilliante offers top quality, top manufacturing standards, top grading standards – this is our main goal to make our clients happy!

1. The prices are just great – manufacturing is done in house, so there is no middle man to raise the cost

2. You will not find better quality lab-grown diamond on the market because of our secret HPHT technology, that mimics natural processes, that’s how you get a 100% natural diamond

3. We do not use any treatments or enhancements, we focus on ways to grow our diamonds naturally, since we believe, that this makes our diamonds more pure and more durable After your manager has confirmed availability you can pay for your purchase with a desired method. Payments are simple as any of the shopping you make on-line.

You can use various payment methods you can use:

1. Wire Transfer (fees must be accepted by the paying side)

2. Cash for in store pick up.

Shipping is fully insured and delivered at your door step. Shipping times will depend on destination and do not differ from regular FedEx shipping times, which typically takes no longer, than 5 days. Please give us 24hrs to confirm your order *** Please keep in mind, that some of the stones might be in stock rooms of the manufacturing facilities, so it might take up to 15 days for some items to be delivered. For your convenience we will inform you as you make the order about possible delays.




We offer 15 day exchange or refund to make sure you are absolutely satisfied with the order you made. If the stone is not right or the setting is too loose, we are here to fix it for you in a timely manner. Our team of true professionals is here to satisfy your jewelry needs and make necessary adjustments for you. So just relax and start your shopping journey!



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