about us

About us

Labrilliante was established when the team of enthusiasts and world-renowned professionals was guided to achieve world records and make a history. During company’s growth we were actively studding jewelry and industrial market trends to develop innovative approaches and improve the production quality.

Our Records

We have achieved outstanding results and set records that nobody can beat. In 2015 we produced the world's largest colorless grown diamond of a Square Emerald Cut 10.02 Ct E / VS1. Just a year later in 2016 Labrilliante unveiled four record breaking stones at the JCK Show in Las Vegas:

• Heart / 5.26 ct / Fancy Deep blue / VVS2

• Emerald / 5.27 ct / Fancy Deep blue / VS1

• Round / 5.06 ct / VS2 / D

• Heart / 5.05 ct / VS2 / D

In Fall 2016 we have presented our champion the Emerald Cut 10,07ct SI1 Fancy Deep Blue Diamond at the Hong Kong Show. It was published in quite a few famous jewelry and finance magazines. Now our team is aiming for more and you will see the results soon.

Our Partnerships

Labrilliante is focusing a lot on partnerships with innovative companies that specialize in growth, diamond refining and lapidary process to perfect the technology and increase quality of production. One of our achievements in terms of collaboration is a partnership with one of the leading eco-gold jewelry manufacturers Hoover & Strong who are kindly providing settings for our company. The collection was first launched in February during JCK Tucson 2017, which created a lot of interest among jewelers as well as private customers. The line is so unique yet so universal, it has all familiar shapes and classic designs but with a twist. We believe that anyone can find a piece to fall in love with.

Our activities

We are making sure to get to know our partners in person, that’s why we arrange quarterly meetings with new or existing partners all around the world. We also participate in International Trade Shows in sites like Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Basel, Las Vegas, New York, Tucson. The entire world needs to know, that such company exists and it has great quality diamonds for any taste and budget.

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