Do lab diamonds shine like real diamonds?

First of all, let’s find out, if diamond shining equals brilliance.

Here is the answer: No, diamond shining and diamond brilliance are not quite the same thing. Here's the breakdown:

Shining is a general term for how light reflects off the diamond. Any diamond will shine to some degree.

Brilliance is a specific aspect of shine that refers to the amount of white light reflected back to the viewer. It's a more technical term describing how well-cut and polished a diamond is to optimize this white light reflection.

So, all brilliant diamonds will shine, but not all shining diamonds will be brilliant. Think of it this way: a diamond with a poor cut might shine, but it won't have the same level of sparkle and fire as a well-cut diamond with high brilliance.

Lab-grown diamonds possess a brilliance indistinguishable from their mined counterparts. This equivalence arises from their shared chemical and physical composition, both being comprised of carbon atoms arranged in an identical crystal structure.

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