Wedding Boom To Raise Lab-grown Diamond Sales Significantly

At the same time more and more brick-and-mortars started offering lab-grown diamonds to the public following big online brands. Marty Hurwitz of MVEye reported that over half of the US’s independent jewelers will offer man-made gems this season. Major retail chains will follow the lead. Signet, the biggest jewelry retailer, will add lab-grown diamond collections to their stores after successfully testing this category online last year.

LaBrilliante Experiences: Lab-grown Diamonds Shine At JCK 2021

The JCK show returned after the global lockdown of 2020, but now with new rules, new tricks, and new themes for conversations. The ways for the jewelry businesses to survive and move forward after the pandemic were the main subjects discussed privately and at conference halls. And lab-grown diamonds were certainly proposed as one of those ways.

Cartier’s Descendant Starts A Lab-grown Diamond Jewelry Collection

A few months after the Pandora’s Brilliance collection announcement, another big name in the industry introduced a lab-grown diamond jewelry line. Oui by Jean Dousset, a great-great grandson of Cartier's founder, is a collection of semi-custom lab-grown diamond jewelry sold directly to the consumer through the designer’s online platform.