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Become A Distributor

We’re an international company with a lot of experience and worldwide client network. Since 2014, our company has been associated with innovative and ecologically clean production of the high quality diamonds. We’re the experts and we’ve been in this business since it began.

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Custom Grow and Design

Create your unique lab-grown masterpiece

Can’t find a desired diamond? Contact our manager or leave a personal order and we’ll grow it just for you!

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Donor Graphite Program

Do you want to make a unique piece of jewelry out of your wedding bouquet or a favorite book? We can turn simply anything into graphite to grow and cut a one-of-a-kind polished diamond out of it.

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Store Locator

LaBrilliante works with many jewelers across the globe. Send us information about your location and we will reveal the nearest retail store with our diamonds in your area.

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