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Are Lab-Grown Diamonds more ethical?

We Mind If It’s Mined

A diamond has been a symbol of value for a very long time. As generations change, so do their values. People have grown to appreciate transparency and the careful treatment of Mother Nature and each other. And the diamonds they choose should reflect it.

The diamond industry has made some mistakes in the past. It has a history of exploitation and violence towards nature and fellow man. In 2003 the United Nations tried to make up for this by establishing the Kimberley Process which purpose was to abolish blood diamonds’. While it was a great step to clean the industry, the complete effectiveness of the Kimberley Process is highly doubted by several human rights organizations, as well as the media.

Although it has done much progress, the system is far from perfect. In 2018 Human Rights Watch reported that a lot of leading jewelry and watch brands can’t really prove complete ethical sourcing of their diamonds, even though they were certified by the Kimberley Process.

With forced or underpaid labor, estimated tens of millions of employed children, and enormous damage done to the ecology, there is still much room for disregard to human rights and sustainable production in the mining industry.

On the other hand, lab-grown diamonds are made in registered laboratories and factories by professional scientists and adult workers who operate in a safe environment. We don’t need to drill big holes in the surface of the Earth. To choose the lab-grown diamond is the only way to be completely sure that your diamond came from ethical and sustainable sourcing.

The greatest in ethics

As the world's leading manufacturer of lab-grown diamonds, LaBrilliante always strives to uphold our vision for an industry based on ethics. That’s why we not only implement the know-how to find more eco-friendly ways to grow diamonds, but also employ the world-class professionals who work in safe environments.

We are trusted throughout the whole industry. This is the reason why our diamonds are used by certified B corporations and famous jewelry artisans. To choose LaBrilliante means to move the industry forward, support innovations and ensure you’ll get the best quality diamond which is truly eco-friendly and conflict-free. Say yes to a brilliant future!