VVS1 Lab-Grown Diamond: The Expert Guide

When you're in the market for a diamond, you'll come across diamonds with various clarity grades, ranging from FL (flawless) to I (included). The more apparent these imperfections are, the lower the grade assigned to the diamond.

Among the upper echelons of the clarity scale, just shy of the highest rank, are VVS1 diamonds. These diamonds are renowned for their exceptional clarity and come with a price tag that aligns with their rarity.

What is VVS1 Diamond?

VVS1 gemstones are categorized as Very, Very Slightly Included. They possess imperfections, or inclusions, so minuscule that even under the scrutiny of 10x magnification-a standard jeweler's loupe - these flaws remain imperceptible. VVS1 man-made diamonds are thereby positioned close to the TOP of the Gemological Institute of America's (GIA) clarity grading scale, with the sole exception being the Flawless/Internally Flawless (FL/IF) grades.

While VVS1 lab-grown diamonds radiate visual brilliance and exhibit a degree of purity that is indeed impressive, this does not invariably warrant them as the optimal choice for all discerning consumers. In essence, diamonds with slightly lower clarity grades, such as VS1 or even the eye-clean SI1 category, are capable of presenting an appearance that is virtually indistinguishable to the unaided eye, all while offering the substantial advantage of cost efficiency. Thus, unless one possesses a discerning expertise in the domain of diamond evaluation, the investment in a VVS1 lab-created diamond may potentially amount to an expenditure that surpasses necessity.

The rarity of VVS1 lab diamonds is another factor that demands attention. These gems constitute a markedly limited fraction, estimated to comprise less than 1% of the prevailing diamond inventory. In this regard, VVS1 diamonds only slightly eclipse the prevalence of the exceedingly uncommon Flawless diamonds, which occupy the highest stratum of clarity grades.

Cost of VVS1 Lab-Grown Diamonds

The aspect of cost must also be contemplated. VVS1 lab diamonds, distinguished for their extraordinary clarity, invariably command a premium relative to diamonds rated within the VS1-SI1 clarity range. Paradoxically, the added expenditure may not necessarily translate into an appreciable enhancement of visual quality, particularly when assessed through the naked eye. The price variable is, furthermore, subject to fluctuations contingent on several determinants, including the diamond's shape, color grade, and the precision of its cut.

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Comparing VVS1 and VVS2 Diamonds

When it comes to telling the difference between a VVS1 and a VVS2 diamond, the difference is small, especially for the average buyer. In VVS1 diamonds, the inclusions are incredibly minuscule, to the extent that they remain imperceptible even under 10x magnification. In VVS2 diamonds, the inclusions are still minimal, and they become slightly visible under such magnification, but barely.

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Comparing VVS1 and FL Diamonds

In general, FL diamonds are deemed superior to VVS diamonds because FL represents the highest attainable clarity grade. Nevertheless, one could make a case that VVS diamonds offer better value, as they exhibit the same appearance as FL diamonds under standard viewing conditions while being notably more affordable.

Selecting a VVS1 Lab-Created Diamond

When choosing the perfect lab-grown diamond, several essential factors come into play, including your budget, the diamond's visual appeal, and your personal preferences. For some, rarity may not be a priority; they simply seek the most visually appealing diamond that fits their budget. On the other hand, for some, possessing an exceptionally rare and top-tier quality diamond is a critical consideration during the selection process.

Especially when combined with a high color grade and an exceptional cut, a VVS1 man-made diamond can be categorized as a "collector's quality" diamond. At this level of purity, you're not only investing in its beauty, but also in its rarity - a level of quality that goes beyond what can be discerned with the naked eye. Diamonds with step cuts, like emerald and asscher cuts, are known for their clarity requirements, but VVS1 inclusions are so tiny that they're barely visible without a magnifying glass. Some customers opt for a VVS1 diamond to ensure that their step-cut diamond sparkles brilliantly and is free of visible flaws.

It's worth noting that you can opt for a diamond with a lower clarity grade, dropping several grades, and still obtain a visually flawless diamond discounted from the cost of a VVS1 diamond. Therefore, it's essential to determine what holds the most significance for you. If you desire a diamond that exhibits remarkable fire and brilliance while staying within your budget, selecting an eye-clean diamond with a lower clarity grade and an exceptional cut will provide you with a truly stunning stone. However, if you appreciate only the finest and are seeking a collector's quality diamond, a VVS1 diamond might be the ideal choice for you.

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