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Diamond Plates

The Material for the Mechanical, Optical, and Electronics Industries

Diamond plates are emerging as a highly versatile industrial material that outperforms conventional materials in extreme environments. Advancements in chemical vapor deposition (CVD) have enabled scalable production of synthetic diamond in plates and other shapes to meet growing demand across sectors.

Diamond's unmatched hardness, heat conductivity and chemical resistance enable applications not possible with even the most advanced metals, ceramics or composites. CVD diamond plates are seeing adoption in optics, electronics, tooling, aerospace and other fields to push boundaries of speed, heat and durability.

Our CVD Diamond Material

Labrilliante is a manufacturer of CVD diamond plates in the USA. We grow polycrystalline and single-crystal diamond to exacting specifications unmatched in quality and performance.

Our diamond plates deliver premium thermal conductivity exceeding 1700 W/mK for photonics and high-power electronics. The exceptional hardness of our Tool Grades resists wear in machining of composites and reactive metals. We specialize in custom diamond solutions tailored to your most demanding applications. Our engineers collaborate with partners across aerospace, defense, energy, optics, semiconductors, tooling and beyond to understand unique requirements and actualize the enormous potential of synthesized diamond.

Labrilliante provides diamond plates across four capability grades spanning a multitude of uses where traditional materials fall short:

  • Optical Class - tremendously heat-conducive, 1700-1800 watts per meter kelvin
  • Electronic Level - exceptionally thermal conductive, 1700-1800 w/mK
  • Thermal Tier - dull diamond, 900-1000 w/mK
  • Tool Category - dark diamond, 700-800 w/mK

Personalized Diamond Plate Order

You can order any plates in different sizes. We make materials to suit any application. Leave your details in the contact form below to get prices.

Single Crystal Diamond (SCD) Plates

SCD plates consist of one continuous diamond crystal lattice. They are created by depositing the diamond onto a small seed diamond crystal in a CVD reactor. SCD displays superior thermal conductivity (2000 W/mK) but is available in smaller sizes due to production challenges. SCD plates work well for laser optics, semiconductor fabrication and other electronics uses.

Polycrystalline CVD Diamond Plates

For larger diamond plates, tiny diamond crystallites are fused together in the CVD process to form a contiguous plate up to eight inches across. Polycrystalline diamond (PCD) exhibits slightly lower but still excellent thermal properties around 1000 W/mK. The versatile PCD format serves well for water jet nozzles, tooling, watch jewels, coatings and aerospace.

The attributes of CVD diamond plates are fueling broader adoption as manufacturing processes mature. Diamond plates deliver game-changing benefits spanning heat dissipation, wear life, corrosion resistance and precision. Please inquire to learn more about leveraging diamond plates to supercharge your demanding application.

Contact our application engineers online to explore how our CVD diamond plates can empower your designs with previously unrealizable performance extremes in temperature, corrosion and wear resistance. The possibilities are bounded only by your imagination.