VS1 Lab-Grown Diamond: The Complete Guide

The VS1 clarity grade for diamonds is highly favored by our customers as well as diamond shoppers worldwide. It strikes a fantastic balance between cost, aesthetic appeal, and a wide range of options. However, as with any diamond quality, finding a beautiful VS1 lab-grown diamond involves some knowledge.

What is VS1 Lab-Grown Diamond?

In the realm of diamond clarity grading, the abbreviation "VS" stands for "Very Slightly Included" and encompasses two subcategories: VS1 and VS2. Lab-grown diamonds falling within the broader VS category exhibit minor inclusions that are challenging for even a trained expert to discern when viewed under 10x magnification. Specifically, VS1 denotes diamonds with inclusions that are similarly challenging for a trained grader to detect, making them noticeably cleaner in appearance compared to their counterparts in the VS2 category.

Where Does VS1 Fall on The Clarity Scale?

VS resides in the middle of the clarity spectrum. There are a total of 10 clarity grades established by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA). VS1 occupies the fifth position, with VS2 being the sixth level of clarity.

What Do You Need to Consider When Buying a VS1 Lab Diamond?

The way a diamond is cut plays a role in how imperfections become noticeable. Stones with cuts, like round or oval shapes, tend to do a better job of disguising flaws compared to step cuts such as emerald or asscher cuts.

When considering VS lab diamonds, pay attention to inclusions that are not positioned directly under the table facet of the stone or are off-center. It's always advisable to buy diamonds that come with GIA grading reports as these reports confirm the diamond's quality and purity.

You can confidently select a VS1 lab-grown diamond without needing to see images or videos because you can be certain it will be free of visible imperfections, and its brilliance won't be compromised. preferences.

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Price of Lab-Grown Diamonds

VS lab diamonds represent a high level of quality. Keep in mind that any inclusions in VS gemstones are quite challenging to spot with the naked eye. Therefore, if you're looking for ways to purchase an engagement ring on a budget, they offer good value. Only 20 percent of diamonds are graded as VS2 and above, and a VS diamond can be 10 to 20 percent less expensive than a VVS diamond. The cost of a VS1 diamond depends on its size, cut, and color.

Which is the Better Choice: VS2 or VS1 Lab Diamonds?

You can choose between VS2 and VS1 stones based on your personal preferences and your budget.

VS1 lab-grown diamonds are preferred by those who prioritize clarity, as they offer a cleaner appearance. VS2 lab-created diamonds, on the other hand, tend to be a more budget-friendly option, offering a crystal-clear appearance without the associated price tag of top-tier clarity grades.

In other words, whereas VS1 diamonds possess a distinct optical clarity advantage, VS2 gems can provide greater value for your money. Consider seeing the stone in person or using high-resolution images to see how it looks, taking into account things like size, cut, and setting, which can affect the visibility of any inclusions.

Is it Good Purchasing a VS1 Clarity Diamond?

It is important to note that even VS2 man-made diamonds will often appear flawless to the unaided eye, even though lab-created stones are an excellent choice for engagement ring stones. You might want to put the savings towards a bigger diamond or a more intricate setting because lower clarity grades have lower costs.

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