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Lab Grown Diamonds in Belgium

LaBrilliante Diamonds are lab-grown diamonds, lab-created diamonds in Europe.

Diamonds Created For You

LaBrilliante diamonds are diamonds created in a laboratory in Europe. LaBrilliante produces both colorless and fancy color lab-grown diamonds and supplies jewelers in the USA as well as Europe. Our offices are located in New York and Belgium.

Apart from being created in a lab, LaBrilliante diamonds are diamonds and the only other difference from mined diamonds is the price. Our lab-grown diamonds cost much less and LaBrilliante offers its diamonds at the best price possible while maintaining high quality of our diamonds and services.

Our lab-created diamonds are certified by the most accredited labs in the world, the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) and International Gemological Institute (IGI). The only difference from the mined diamonds would be that the lab-grown diamonds are created by science.

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LaBrilliante was founded to promote transparency and ethical values. LaBrilliante cares about its CO2 emissions and to grow LaBrilliante diamonds we use hydro- and nuclear power. Our estimated CO2 emissions are 15kg per polished carat.

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LaBrilliante produces high-quality diamonds and provides opportunities for jewelers and wholesalers around the world to purchase them at the best possible price. Our production based in Europe and distribution channels in the USA and Belgium provide us with the opportunity to establish partnerships around the world.

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