Do lab-grown diamonds fade?

We often hear questions about whether the color of lab-grown diamonds will fade, will it change over time? Some consumers remain skeptical about the long-term stability of lab-grown stones. Let’s separate fact from fiction when it comes to color stability of lab-grown diamonds.

Understanding the Creation Process

Modern methods for growing diamonds in labs allow for precision control during the manufacturing process. The ability to carefully regulate factors like heat, pressure, and growth times enables producers to cultivate stones with consistently reliable qualities. Diamond growers incorporate stringent quality testing throughout production to verify color properties. The result is lab-grown diamonds engineered to exhibit stable color within their target grading range.

While trace impurities may be incorporated to assist growth, reputable diamond manufacturers carefully control their levels to avoid excessive defects that could impact color stability. Advanced technology has truly elevated lab diamond production to an art form that allows their optical qualities to rival those of mined diamonds.

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Assessing Color Grading Standards

High-quality lab diamonds are graded on the same GIA or AGS color scale as mined diamonds, ranging from D (colorless) to Z (light yellow/brown). Those awarded the top D-F colorless grades by these labs have passed the rigorous spectrometer testing to confirm complete absence of color. The lab’s extensive protocols and instrumentation allow for extremely precise color assessment, far beyond what we can detect with the naked eye alone.

A diamond certified D-F colorless should remain within that colorless range permanently, with little discernible fading even after decades of wear. When a respected grading lab certifies the color grade, it provides assurance that the diamond exhibits no detectable elements that could lead to future color change.

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Exceptions Are Possible, But Rare

There are always tolerances in any manufacturing process, and extremely rare outliers can occur. Some lower quality producers may grow diamonds with higher impurity levels or structural defects. In even rarer instances, subtle color change over many years may be noticeable in stones with medium to lower color grades. 

However, among the top fabricators that most jewelers source from, instances of excessive or rapid fading are exceptionally uncommon in our experience. Given the microscopic tolerances achieved by advanced lab-grown diamond manufacturers today, significant fading should not be a concern for most stones.

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Safeguarding Customers

We always aim to safeguard our customers’ purchases. Ensuring their lab-grown diamond jewelry will stand the test of time is part of upholding our duty as diamond sellers. We recommend customers only purchase lab diamonds certified by respected labs from growers that provide extensive warranty coverage. This gives recourse in the unlikely event an issue does arise.

We at LaBrilliante have full confidence in the production methods and technological capabilities of our brand, always confident that the products we offer will exhibit enduring brilliance and stability.

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Modern lab-grown diamonds offer an exceptional combination of ethics, affordability, and quality. When produced by leading growers, significant color instability is remarkably uncommon based on current technology and standards. After more than a decade in the production and trade, we feel fully comfortable telling customers with confidence that, when properly certified, their lab diamond’s dazzling brilliance and color will be preserved for generations if properly cared for. The peace of mind this provides consumers gives lab-grown diamonds an important advantage over other gemstone options.

As diamond growers, we play an essential role in maintaining standards around quality disclosures and transparency. Our integrity, expertise, and selectivity empower us to stand behind the products we offer. By upholding these principles, we can help provide customers with lab-created diamonds they can treasure forever.

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