Which Lab Diamond Shape Sparkles the Most?


The cut of a diamond determines how successfully it interacts with light to produce brilliance and fire. When selecting a diamond, assessing the cut is imperative, as it reveals the stone's hidden radiance. This article analyzes lab-grown diamond cuts renowned for exhibiting superior sparkle.

The Round Diamond Cut

Considered the most popular and sparkle cut, the round diamond cut features 58 symmetrical facets crafted to achieve ideal proportions that maximize light return through the crown. As light enters the stone, reflects off the precisely angled pavilion facets, and rebounds out the top, this cut unleashes unmatched brilliance and fire. The round lab diamond cut remains the benchmark against which gemologists compare other diamond cuts' light performance.

Princess Diamond Cut

Second in popularity only to the round lab diamond cut, the contemporary princess cut dazzles with its square or rectangular outline terminating in pointed corners. The skilled arrangement of its 58 facets optimizes light reflection inside the stone. Princess cuts offer versatility, suiting various settings, from solitaire to multi-stone designs. Their ability to conceal inclusions also appeals to buyers.

Cushion Diamond Cut

Epitomizing vintage charm, the cushion cut allures with its gentle sparkle, thanks to the large facets and rounded corners that create a pillow-like outline. Cushion cuts may feature a “brilliant” or “modified brilliant” faceting pattern, producing a romantic, candlelit radiance distinct from the bolder shimmer of round lab-grown diamonds. The cushion cut's uniqueness lies in its subtle, dreamy glow.

Oval Diamond Cut

The oval cut’s elongated, rounded silhouette, which appears larger visually, combines the sparkle of a round brilliant with contemporary elegance. The oval and pear cuts' 58 brilliant-style facets amplify fire, while their tapered outlines can elongate and slenderize fingers. With rounded and pointed ends resembling a teardrop, pear cuts also showcase sufficient brilliance.

What Other Factors Affect the Sparkle of Lab Diamonds?

Apart from cut, there are other options for a diamond on which its brilliance depends. While the cut drives brilliance, optimal clarity, color, and light-optimizing settings together maximize diamond sparkle and fire. Evaluating all these metrics helps procure the finest-quality diamonds, showcasing supreme radiance.


Internal inclusions and external blemishes can inhibit light transmission, reducing brilliance. Flawless or internally flawless diamonds permit unobstructed light reflection to maximize fire and shine.


Colorless diamonds or those with faint yellow tints excel in light refraction, as no color hinders white light dispersal. Near-colorless grades also perform brilliantly, while noticeable hues like K-M impede sparkle.


Well-designed mountings secure stones firmly to avoid looseness, minimizing light leakage from diamond bases. Prongs also elevate diamonds to permit light entry from all angles for augmented shine rather than restricting sparkle.


While no cut surpasses the round lab diamond’s sparkle, cushion, princess, oval and pear cuts also impress with their unique light patterns and shapes catering to personal preferences. Recognizing the nuances between cuts helps uncover one's optimal diamond match.

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