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We have made the responsible choice to create diamonds in the lab, not mine them.

Beauty & Quality

Man-made diamonds have the same physical, chemical, and optical properties as mined diamonds.


Lab-created diamonds offer excellent value, and are slightly more affordable than natural diamonds of comparable size and quality.

Labrillante is a manufacturer and supplier of lab-grown diamonds. We believe in transparency at each stage of relationship, that's why we not only offer the better-looking diamonds, but also educate on every level of lab-grown diamonds industry.

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At Labrilliante we provide an extensive selection of fancy colored lab-grown diamonds including pink, yellow, blue, green, and various other shades.

We encourage you to share your vision of the perfect diamond with us, and we will go above and beyond to bring it to life!

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If you have not found the exact diamond you are looking for, LaBrilliante LLC offers to create a custom diamond to your specifications. The production and delivery time for each individual order may vary. Please contact us for accurate information regarding the timeline.

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FAQ About Lab-Grown Diamonds

According to the FTP, lab-grown diamonds are real diamonds. They are identical in optical, physical, and chemical properties to mined diamonds, meaning they look, feel, and shine like mined stones. Both lab-grown and earth-mined diamonds are graded and certified by the same reputable gemological laboratories and traded by the same major industry players. There are only two basic differences: origin and price. And it is in these differences that the advantages of lab-created diamonds lie, as their origins are more traceable and sustainable, and their prices are more affordable.

The consumers’ demand for lab-grown diamonds has increased multiple times during just a couple of years. Over half of US-based jewelers are currently selling jewelry with lab diamonds on a regular basis. The demand is projected to rise even further, so being proactive is required for a jeweler to be competitive. If you are going to buy a lab-created diamond, then having a connection with trustful diamond suppliers is everything.

While it's true that prices for lab-grown diamonds have been declining for some time, we are now reaching a point of stability. It's more likely that prices will not fall any further, as there are still overhead costs (electricity, labor, logistics, marketing) and public demand is steadily increasing. In addition, prices for rare shapes, sizes and colors have stayed almost the same, so the decline only affects the most common diamonds and not the entire lab-grown category.

The acceptance of lab-grown diamonds is on the rise, and there are already top retailers who buy back or upgrade lab-created stones. The secondary market is emerging. 

For example, a mined 1ct Round G VS2 would retail at around $6000 - $7000 at lowest. After resale, the customer would be able to only return half of that amount at best. So they would still lose around $3000 - $3500. 

The same lab-grown diamond would be sold for $1500, so even if the customer couldn’t resell it, they would still lose only half of what they would lose on the mined stone.

That means that affordable prices make lab-created diamonds a better financial choice.

If you are thinking about buying lab-grown diamonds, it is important to find a reliable supplier. LaBrilliante has a decade of experience in providing the highest quality lab-created diamonds. We are a manufacturer and a wholesaler. We believe in word of mouth and personal experience.

LaBrilliante would be a great source for you even if you already have a reliable supplier, as the variety of our inventory could help fulfill any requirement. Any shape, size and color, different memo terms, wholesale prices from the lab-grown diamond manufacturer, convenient and free shipping, personal assistant and 24/7 support - LaBrilliante has it all.

If you're seeking a reliable partner and supplier of lab-grown diamonds, Labrilliante is the perfect choice. We will assist you in finding a diamond that meets your requirements. We have a vast inventory of stones and partner stores worldwide.