Lab-Grown Melee Diamonds

Melee lab-grown diamonds are small, round diamonds that are typically used as accent stones in jewelry. They are usually between 0.1 and 0.2 carats in size, and can be found in a variety of shapes and cuts, including round, princess, and cushion cut.

Furthermore, lab-grown melee diamonds is that they can be produced in a very small size, as small as 0.5mm, which is significantly smaller than the smallest naturally mined diamond that can be found. This makes them perfect for use in micro-pave and invisible-set jewelry, which are popular styles that feature a large number of small diamonds set close together to create a glittering, sparkling surface.

The use of lab-grown melee diamonds from LaBrilliante in these styles allows for a significantly larger number of diamonds to be used, creating a more dramatic and eye-catching look.

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