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First steps

Labrilliante was established when a group of diamond professionals teamed up to create something completely new in the diamond industry. Since then, several achievements have been set that aren’t surpassed even to this day. We associate our company with innovative and ecologically sustainable production of high quality lab-grown diamonds.

Labrilliante is beautiful and meaningful. It symbolizes the love and beginning of marriage, family, and friendship. Labrilliante is the symbol of the starting point that all grown things start, from marriage, a family, love, and the jewelry that we give to symbolize all of that. All Labrilliante Jewelry is set with real diamonds that are grown instead of mined. By hand selecting unique and beautiful diamond seeds we replicate mother-nature to grow beautiful and unique diamonds. Grow your life with Labrilliante.


We believe in transparency at each stage of relationship , that's why we not only offer the better-looking diamonds, but also educate on every level of the lab-grown diamonds industry.

How we do it

Replicating what happens deep beneath the earth is difficult, time-consuming, and expensive, but the end result is identical to what has been mined for centuries. There are easier ways to do it, but only the process that we use, replicates Mother Nature to rearrange atoms to grow a beautiful diamond as unique as a fingerprint. We do this because we care about the planet and want the jewelry and diamonds that we sell to bring the same sense of caring and growth into the personal relationships that they symbolize. Our secret is to start with tiny hand-selected pristine diamond seeds, so that the final grown& diamond is nearly flawless. No real diamond is perfect because they grow with a mind of their own, but we give it the optimal conditions to become big and beautiful! Mother Nature is less discriminate with other gases and mineral elements found deep underground that create all of those “inclusions” that degrade the value of diamonds, and most mined diamonds are not good enough for jewelry and must be used for industrial purposes. By starting with the best seeds, and optimizing natural conditions in a controlled laboratory setting, we can grow the best diamonds all the way as big as 10 carats!

High-Tech products

High-Tech products

Apart from creating jewelry for beauty we also focus on the technical part which leads scientific, medical, aerospace industries and many other fields into an innovative future. Our production line consists of such products as:

  • Micro and power electronics, semiconductors;
  • Optics and lasers;
  • Detectors and sensors;
  • Diodes and Semiconductors;
  • Vacuum and diamond windows;
  • X–ray and medical equipment;
  • Aerospace and military–industrial complex;
  • Quantum Computers and Photonics;
  • Acoustics and electrochemistry;
  • Epitaxy Substrates (CVD);
  • Abrasive materials, cutters, rock destructive material.

Our professionals at Technical department are always open to assist and guide you along with your project.

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Our achievements

Since the creation of Labrilliante various achievements have been set which haven't been surpassed to this day. We always strive to become better and grow bigger!

If you are looking for something extraordinary we can grow and create something