Why Lab-Grown Diamonds are The Future

While diamonds have been the king of gemstones since forever, people also appreciate their material properties as much as their aesthetic appeal. Unique combination of hardness, thermal conductivity, chemical and thermal inertness, abrasion resistance and biological compatibility make diamonds attractive for a wide range of high-tech applications.

Earth-mined diamonds can hardly be used for these purposes due to their significant nitrogen content and dislocations in their crystal lattice. The high price also doesn’t help. Since growing high purity & low defect diamonds is now possible, this opens new frontiers for scientific use.

Lab-grown diamonds combine the best of the science and diamond industry. They are more durable and harder then the mined ones, due to their more pure crystal structure. Thus, lab-grown diamonds made possible to improve the quality of surgical scalpels. They are also superior semiconductors, which makes them perfect for electronic use in high-tech chips and electronic circuits.

Lab-grown diamonds are already widely used in the technological industry today, but they also help to improve the lives of future generations - they are applied in solar energy production and water purification.
Growing technologies allow not only to make highest quality gem-stones, but to bring on a previously unimaginable future, with lab-grown diamonds being essential for progress in medical, scientific, computational and manufacturing fields.

By purchasing a lab-grown diamond you support innovations in healthcare, vehicles, computers and so much more.