Elongated Shapes Lab-Grown Diamonds Without Bow Tie

Except for the Round Brilliant cuts, elongated diamonds must be the most demanded shapes by the consumers. Ovals, pear shapes, marquise cuts are at an all time high in terms of sales. They’re excellent for use as central stones in the engagement rings. However, the buyer should always take the bow tie effect into the account.

A bow tie is a visual imperfection that may appear during the cutting process. When diamond’s facets aren’t aligned properly, they can’t reflect the right amount of light resulting in some light leakage. Bow tie is a product of that leakage appearing as dark areas spreading from the center of the stone to its sides. The intensity of a bow tie may vary, but it will surely affect not only the overall appearance of the diamond, but its brilliance as well in a negative way. This effect is present in elongated shapes, most commonly in oval, marquise and pear cuts. Sometimes, it can also be seen in heart shapes and radiants.

If a diamond displays a bow tie it often means that its pavilion is too deep. The common reason for this is that the cutters aren’t ready to sacrifice the significant carat weight to fix this defect. One of the main goals during the cutting process is to save as much carat weight as possible and the result directly influences the cutter’s income. The price for the rough mined diamonds is reasonably high, which means that the sacrifice of a carat weight to cut around the bow tie is almost never considered. Hence, there are a lot of mined elongated diamonds that have variable intensity of bow tie effects, which make many jewelers and jewelry consumers think that it’s not such a big deal at all.

However, with man-made diamonds neither the retailer, nor the customer should settle for low quality of a cut. Due to the significant difference in the rough diamond prices, the cutters are allowed to sacrifice more carat weight of a lab diamond to get the best outcome. Excellently cut proportions and perfectly aligned facets are often present in lab-created diamonds, hence there are much more manufactured ovals, pear shapes and marquise cuts without the bow tie effect. If you want to make sure that your customer will get the best quality center stone for their engagement ring and come back to your store for more, consider proposing to go with lab-grown stone. It’s very likely that there won’t be even the slightest sign of a bow tie in the diamond.

LaBrilliante offers only the best quality cuts. Our elongated lab-grown diamonds don’t feature bow tie effects. Pick our man-created gemstones and you will surely make your customer happy.

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