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Free Lifetime Warranty for Lab Diamonds

We at LaBrilliante maintain the exceptional quality of our diamonds and offer a free lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects. This warranty is only applied to manufacturing defects, and doesn’t cover visible inclusions which affect the clarity grade of the diamonds. Our warranty also doesn’t include coverage for any damage obtained by wear, trauma, loss or theft.

In case the purchased and delivered products are defective, you are entitled to demand the free repair service from LaBrilliante. We recommend you contact us by email to explain defects. Please note that your email should contain visible proof of such defects, including photos or videos of the damaged products. If we evaluate your diamonds as having a manufacturing defect, we will then contact you and provide you the shipping address. Please note that the shipping fee to our location is not covered by LaBrilliante.

If a warranty issue is found after closer inspection of your diamonds, we will provide the free warrantied repair service. If after the evaluation the repair is considered impossible, you will have the right to demand the replacement of your products for the diamonds with similar size, quality and value. Repaired or replaced products then will be delivered to you within 3 to 5 working days. Please note that the shipping fee to your location is covered by LaBrilliante.

If you decide not to demand repair, you are entitled to return your products to us. In this case initial payment for the purchase will act as a deposit of full or part payment for your future purchases.

If a closer evaluation does not reveal any manufacturing defects, the free warranty will not apply to the products. Your products then will be shipped to your location intact. You will not be entitled to any free repair or replacement. Please note that any repair or service performed by an outsourced jeweler other than LaBrilliante will void the warranty for the product.

The limitation period for warranty claims for the delivered products is unlimited and starts from upon receiving of the products. Claims due to defects, which might have been concealed or unnoticed, expire within the regular limitation period.

If you have any questions, please contact us.

Free Warranty Terms updated on July 24, 2020.