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Partnering with LaBrilliante, a lab-grown diamond supplier, is a strategic decision for sustainable luxury. Opt for diamonds grown with respect for the planet, reducing the environmental footprint of traditional mining. These diamonds are identical to mined ones in composition, sparkle, and durability, but without the ethical concerns related to mining operations. The lab-grown diamonds supplier LaBrilliante ensures strict quality control for each gemstone, providing consistency and reliability. Moreover, our competitive pricing strategy allows businesses to thrive, offering luxury at wholesale prices. Invest in the future, partner with LaBrilliante, and let your business shine brighter, responsibly.

In our lab-grown diamond database, you will find the perfect stone for yourself.

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LaBrilliante is an international company that’s been providing high quality diamonds wholesale since 2014. We are a group of experts that’s been associated with innovative and ecologically clean production. We’ll be able to fulfill any request you may have.

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Labrilliante Lab Colored Diamonds

Labrilliante provides an extensive selection of fancy colors, including pink, yellow, blue, green, and numerous other variations. Our diamonds offer a unique beauty, as they are grown and untreated, allowing you to obtain a rare and exquisite gem.

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Not only can you start growing your business, but also get the free access to our unique Diamond Gide where we share our expertise on all things diamond:

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FAQ About LaBrilliante

If you're contemplating the acquisition of lab-grown diamonds, the critical factor is securing a dependable provider. With a decade-long track record, LaBrilliante stands as a reliable supplier of lab-created diamonds, placing its trust in word-of-mouth referrals and firsthand experiences.

LaBrilliante will help you find the perfect diamond of any shape, size, and color at wholesale prices.


LaBrilliante takes great pride in delivering exceptional service to our customers, and this commitment extends to our shipping methods. We partner with FedEx, a highly reputable courier company, to safely transport insured packages directly to our customers.

Our shipping services cover both domestic and international destinations. In cases where FedEx isn't available in the customer's country, we can opt for Brinks as the courier company.

For deliveries within the United States, shipping is typically complimentary. However, for exceptionally small orders, there may be additional delivery charges applied.

For more details, please refer to the Payment and Shipping section.

Struggling to locate that perfect diamond? At LaBrilliante, we possess the capability to create a one-of-a-kind diamond tailored to your desires. Place a personalized order or connect with our dedicated manager.

The timeline for production and delivery hinges on the specific intricacies of your order. To attain precise dates, don't hesitate to engage our Concierge service.