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We certify over 80% of our diamond collection from creation to market appearance and take full responsibility for certification costs as a company.

We understand that certification is vital to safeguarding our customers' interests and ensuring trust in our products.

Our company partners with esteemed gemological laboratories, including GIA, IGI, GCAL, and others. We guarantee that our clients receive only the highest-quality certified diamonds on the market.

See below for a list of reputable gem labs, including links to their certification pages for easy verification.

  1. GIA (Gemological Institute of America) is one of the most renowned laboratories known worldwide.
  2. IGI (The International Gemological Institute) is the world's largest independent diamond certification and appraisal institute with offices in Europe, USA, Canada, India, China, Israel, UAE, Japan and Thailand. Its certificates are a guarantee that the diamond, other gemstone or jewelry you buy is genuine and of high quality.
  3. GCAL (Gem Certification & Assurance Lab) GCAL is a small, high quality gemological laboratory with all operations in one location in the Diamond District of New York. They bring extensive experience and technical knowledge to providing a very wide range of services for diamonds, colored gemstones, pearls and fine jewelry.
  4. EGL USA, with it’s main office located in the heart of New York’s diamond district, where it has provided this unique balance since 1977; the lab became independently owned and operated in 1986.
  5. HRD (“Hoge Raad Voor Diamant”, aka “Diamond High Council”), one of Europe’s largest diamond certification laboratories, based in Antwerpen, Belgium.
  6. GRS (Dr. A. Peretti's Gemological Research Swiss Lab) is one of the leading colored gemstone laboratories with excellent identification of the origin and processing of colored gemstones.
  7. EGL European Gemological Laboratory (Praha, Czech Republic).

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