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Lab-Grown Diamonds in South Africa

Lab-grown diamonds exhibit the same chemical, physical, and optical properties as their naturally mined counterparts. These exquisite gemstones are ideal for enhancing various types of jewelry.

As both a manufacturer and supplier of lab-grown diamonds in South Africa, we offer:

  • Fast delivery;
  • IGI, GIA certification;
  • Quick follow-ups.

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Labrilliante is actively providing lab-grown diamonds to the international jewelry market, with partner stores situated in South Africa.

We are here to offer our expertise, whether it's through online diamond consultations, the curation of a tailored selection of diamonds, or the creation of custom-cut diamonds that align with your unique requirements and desires.

More About Us

Diamond Industry History in South Africa

The diamond industry in South Africa has a long and storied history, and it continues to be a significant player in the global diamond trade.

The origins of the diamond industry in South Africa can be traced to the year 1867, when the first diamonds were unearthed in the town of Kimberley. This discovery led to a diamond rush with prospectors from around the world flocking to the region to search for precious gemstones

In the late 19th century, Cecil Rhodes and others formed De Beers Consolidated Mines Limited, which would go on to become one of the most influential diamond companies globally. De Beers played a crucial role in the development of the diamond industry in South Africa and beyond.

Over a century ago, South Africa was a major diamond producer. The country is known for its significant diamond reserves, and diamond mining operations are spread across various regions, including the famous Kimberley, Limpopo, and Culling mines.

How to Purchase Lab-Grown Diamonds?

At Labrilliante, we've simplified the wholesale buying experience to better serve you. You have two straightforward options: you can either complete an application on our website or get in touch with us using the provided phone number. Furthermore, you can also register with our diamond database for added convenience and access to our extensive selection.

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