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Fancy Color Lab-Grown Diamonds

Labrilliante offers a wide range of fancy colors, pink, yellow, blue, green and many other variations. With our diamonds you can obtain a rare beaty, as grown diamond, that wasn't treated!

With Labrilliante, you can expect adaptable payment options, exclusive wholesale rates sourced directly from the lab-grown diamond manufacturer, complimentary shipping, dedicated personalized assistance, and round-the-clock support. We hold a deep appreciation for personal referrals and cherish the significance of firsthand encounters with our brand.

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Colored Lab-Created Diamonds

FAQ about Lab Colored Diamonds

Colored diamonds form when special elements mix with carbon atoms during diamond creation, leading to impurities. These impurities result in various colors like yellow, blue, pink, green, purple, brown, black, and red. You can find both light and dark colored diamonds, offering endless choices.

Diamond color is affected by its chemical makeup. For example, nitrogen creates canary yellow diamonds. If enough nitrogen is present, it forms the beautiful fancy yellow diamonds that are highly prized. Blue diamonds go through a similar process where boron atoms mix with atoms of carbon.

Mined colored diamonds are indeed very rare, and their prices are influenced by the intensity of their color. Generally, lab-created colored diamonds are less expensive than mined diamonds. This makes them more accessible, while still maintaining their value and visual appeal.


Lab-made colored diamonds are an affordable alternative to mined ones. They offer intense colors without the high cost. In fact, they can even have more vibrant colors than mined diamonds. This happens because scientists control the diamond's color and structure in the lab, creating stunning colors. Lab-made colored diamonds are also ethically sourced, appealing to environmentally-conscious buyers. If you want a yellow or pink diamond for an engagement ring, considering lab-made options is smart.

Lab-made colored diamonds come in many shapes. You can choose the best shape for your colored diamond, customizing its beauty to your taste. Shapes like pear, oval, and radiant cuts enhance the gem's vivid colors and brilliance.

Diamonds are graded for color on a scale from D to Z. D-grade stones are considered nearly colorless, whereas Z-grade diamonds display visible pale yellow hues. For near-colorless diamonds, the presence of yellow hues diminishes their value, while for colored diamonds, the visibility of their hues enhances their value.