Rough Lab Grown Diamonds

Uncut lab-grown diamonds have no cutting or polishing process. They keep their original shape and appearance, which depend on the production method.

CVD diamonds have a more irregular and flat shape. HPHT diamonds have a more octahedral or cubic shape.

Uses and Applications of Uncut Lab-Grown Diamonds

Uncut lab-grown diamonds find diverse applications beyond traditional jewelry based on their quality, size, and shape. From industrial uses, such as abrasives, cutting tools, drill bits, and heat sinks, to innovative technologies, these diamonds play a crucial role in various sectors. We delve into the wide array of applications that make uncut lab-grown diamonds versatile and sustainable.

Some uncut lab-grown diamonds that serve industrial purposes are low-quality, small, and irregular, and unsuitable for jewelry. 

Some uncut lab-grown diamonds are high-quality, large, and well-formed, and serve jewelry or investment purposes. These diamonds are rare and valuable, and sell as rough diamonds or cut and polish into finished diamonds.

Some people like uncut lab-grown diamonds for their natural and raw beauty. Others like cut and polished lab-grown diamonds for their brilliance and fire.

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Differences between Uncut Natural and Laboratory Diamonds

Here is a table comparing key attributes of Uncut Natural Diamonds and Lab-Grown Diamonds:


Uncut Natural Diamonds

Lab-Grown Diamonds


Mined from the Earth

Manufactured in controlled lab environments

Quality Consistency

Variable, depends on individual stone

More consistent quality within production batch


Random mineral impurities

Controlled levels of nitrogen impurities

Color Grades

Full range of fancy colors found

Mainly colorless and near colorless grades


Wide range, affected by natural imperfections

High clarity, fewer visible inclusions

Carat Sizes

Limited by scarce large natural rough diamonds

Available reliably in +10 carat sizes

Grading Certificates

GIA, IGI certification for 4Cs

IGI lab-grown certificates


Approximately ~$4,000 to over $50,000 per carat

40-50% discount compared to equivalent natural diamond

Ethical Sourcing

Risks associated around some mining operations

Guaranteed conflict-free sources

Natural diamonds are scarce and expensive, limited by the market supply and demand. They also involve ethical and environmental issues, such as conflict, mining, and trade. Lab-grown diamonds are abundant and affordable, not limited by the natural resources and produce on demand. They also avoid violence, exploitation, or pollution.

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