Our Records

We have achieved outstanding results and set records that nobody can beat. In 2015 we produced the world's largest colorless grown diamond of a Square Emerald Cut 10.02 Ct E / VS1. Just a year later in 2016 Labrilliante unveiled four record breaking stones at the JCK Show in Las Vegas: Heart / 5.26 ct / Fancy Deep blue / VVS2 Emerald / 5.27 ct / Fancy Deep blue / VS1 Round / 5.06 ct / VS2 / D Heart / 5.05 ct / VS2 / D In Fall 2016 we have presented our champion the Emerald Cut 10,07ct SI1 Fancy Deep Blue Diamond at the Hong Kong Show. It was published in quite a few famous jewelry and finance magazines. Now our team is aiming for more and you will see the results soon.
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