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Our Achievements

Labrilliante is well known across the industry for our unique production. We’re able to grow the biggest top quality diamonds on the market as well as non-treated fancy blue diamonds.

The secret of Labrilliante’s success is experienced artisans putting years of hard work in developing the best technology there is. Our know-how allowed us to set several records that can’t be surpassed to this day.

Here are some of our achievements.

Creating the Best Quality Diamonds and Rare Diamond Cuts

We create diamonds over 5 carats, creating the colorless and pure stones with top grades like D color and VVS1 clarity. Labrilliante can make exquisite diamonds in even the rarest colors and cuts.

Own Manufacturing

Our own production can handle any customer request, from cutting large diamonds for individual orders to crafting intricate jewelry pieces.

Labrilliante employs two techniques to cultivate diamonds in controlled environments: High Pressure High Temperature (HPHT) and Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD).

HPHT method replicates the natural diamond growth process and is particularly efficient at creating larger-carat diamonds. CVD enables precise control over the growth process, resulting in the production of highly pure diamonds.

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Online Platform with Access to Over 100,000 Lab-Grown Diamonds

Online platform allowing jewelers worldwide to easily find the diamonds they need, including very rare ones with overnight or second-day delivery. This has greatly improved the customer experience.

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Please sign in on our website, and we will grant you access to over 100,000 lab-grown diamonds in our stock.

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Participation in Exhibitions and Events

Labrilliante participates in many conferences and exhibitions (more on Our Activities page). The company is dedicated to responsibly growing and promoting the lab diamond industry.

Compliance with Ethical Standards

Our methods to produce diamonds that use significantly less electricity compared to mining, aligning with the company's eco-friendly and ethical goals. All production is 100% green and complies with international standards.

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Have Any Questions?

Feel free to contact us for expert advice on any questions or inquiries you may have.