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Lab-Grown Diamonds in Israel

Lab-grown diamonds possess identical chemical, physical, and optical characteristics when compared to naturally mined diamonds. These exquisite gemstones are perfect for enhancing a wide range of jewelry pieces.

As both a producer and distributor of lab-grown diamonds in Israel, we provide:

  • Overnight or second day delivery;
  • Adhereeing to all agreements;
  • IGI, GIA certification.

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What Can We Offer?

Labrilliante is a manufacturer of lab-grown diamonds, supplying lab-grown diamonds and partnering with stores in Israel.

Our commitment extends beyond product delivery. We are here to provide our expertise through various means, including online diamond consultations, the careful curation of diamond selections tailored to your preferences, and the crafting of custom-cut diamonds to match your unique desires.

In addition, we offer flexible payment options, direct access to wholesale prices from the manufacturer of lab-created diamonds, complimentary shipping, personalized assistance, and round-the-clock support. We prioritize personal recommendations and firsthand experiences as part of our brand ethos.

More About Us

The Diamond Industry in Israel

Israel has earned a reputation for its exceptional skills in diamond cutting and polishing. The country has numerous jewelry shops and factories that specialize in crafting high-grade, processed diamonds with intricate designs and sizes. Israel is also known for its research and development centers in the fields of diamond processing and technology. These centers focus on enhancing diamond cutting methods, enhancing the worth of diamonds, and advancing cutting-edge innovations for the sector.

The distribution of lab-grown diamonds in Israel has been steadily gaining momentum recently. There is a niche in the Israeli jewelry market for lab-grown diamonds as the demand for sustainable and ethically sourced diamonds grows. 

How to Buy Lab-Grown Diamonds in Israel?

Labrilliante has streamlined the process for your convenience. You have two easy choices: you can either fill out an application on our website or reach out to us via the provided phone number. Additionally, you can also register with our diamond database for added convenience and access to our extensive selection.

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