Crushed Ice Cut Lab Grown Diamonds

The traditional brilliant cut and step cut diamonds continue to dominate the market, however there is another cut pattern that is also often sought for by many modern consumers. The crushed ice style allows for quite a unique appearance of the central diamond. While the radiant shapes can have a very similar look, only some cushion stones are cut into true crushed ice patterns. It seems as if this style has only grown in popularity lately and become one of the most important things to consider while buying or offering a cushion diamond.

Crushed ice cut gives off the visuals of a shattered glass. This effect is achieved with many small facets located on the pavilion of the diamond. These facets are constantly reflecting the light into each other before reflecting it back to the top, which makes the diamond itself seem like it’s been shattered into hundreds of tiny pieces. The crushed ice cut is only one of the modifications of a standard cushion diamond, which is the shape that has by far the most variations. While cushion brilliant cuts usually have 58 to 64 facets, their number may vary a lot for modifications. The crushed ice pattern can be used for both square and elongated cushion shapes, the latter of which have become very trendy among the jewelry consumers in the past few years.

The crushed ice cushions are usually picked by consumers who are looking for less traditional designs. Most of them would also opt for lab-grown diamonds for similar reasons. Those are mostly millennials who want their jewelry to have a contemporary look. This is why such cushion modification is much more common in lab-grown diamonds than in mined ones. Different cushion modifications appeared with the development of cutting techniques. There are two main reasons for the cutters that choose the crushed ice pattern. The first one is that this design hides a lot of inclusions within the diamond. Many smaller facets allow for a greater brilliance which perfectly masks any imperfection. This pattern also allows cutters to save more carat weight on the pavilion which means that these diamonds are usually heavier than the brilliant cuts. However it is impossible to see a faceting pattern within a crushed ice diamond which discourages some of the consumers from choosing such stones.

In recent years the hybrid between the cushion brilliant and crushed ice cuts has become the perfect option for people that want the best of two options. A hybrid modification is a brilliant cut that features an extra row of facets below the girdle. Hence the sides of the diamond exhibit a crushed ice look and greater sparkle, while the table still shows the faceting pattern of a brilliant cut. Those types of cushion are very common in lab diamonds and can be the perfect option for most of the consumers. Due to the less rough material wasted, they usually have a lower price tag, which only adds to its attractiveness.

Whether it's a brilliant cut, a crushed ice, or a hybrid, it is the consumer who makes the choice. However it’s the jeweler who should educate them on their options and offer them the selection to choose from. And LaBrilliante is happy to help with that. We offer cushion diamonds with all three types of cutting patterns and more. Quality of our goods is acknowledged across the industry. Pick our man-created gemstones and you will surely make your customer happy.

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