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Polycrystalline CVD Diamond Plates

Labrilliante is a manufacturer of polycrystalline CVD diamond plates for industrial purposes. We make diamond plates to order in any size. Choose material from the catalog below or leave a custom order. We offer worldwide delivery.

Personalized Diamond Plate Order

You can order any plates in different sizes. We make materials to suit any application. Leave your details in the contact form below to get prices.

What are Polycrystalline CVD Diamond Plates?

Chemical vapor deposited (CVD) polycrystalline diamond plates leverage intricate crystalline formation techniques to achieve thermal conductivity up to 1500 W/mK - over triple that of copper.

This heat dissipation empowers next-gen electronics, from scalpel lasers to satellite power modules, by effectively drawing waste heat away from delicate components. But CVD diamond plates offer more than just record-shattering thermal transport. Their finely interwoven crystalline structure also provides superior hardness, chemical resistance, and flexural strength for industrial tools and finishes.

Meanwhile, the intricate lattice enables tailored optical transmission for precision diamond windows usable across microwave, infrared, and ultraviolet spectra. The diverse properties of CVD diamond plates thus span electronics, optics, defense, aerospace, and beyond.

Though marginally behind SCD in cooling capacity, PCD more than compensates with lower costs and larger producible areas, facilitating wafer-scale manufacturing and integration into aerospace and automotive systems where high-volume solutions are mandated.

Positioned as the next generation of diamond material systems, PCD represents an engineered compromise between remarkable single crystal abilities and scalable industry solutions to unleash the wider potential of this unique gem not only as the ultimate heatspreader but also as optical, tribological, and electronic innovation platform for multiple technology domains.

Contact us to explore how CVD diamond can provide a robust, customizable foundation for your innovative solutions.