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Single Crystal Diamond (SCD) Plates

Labrilliante is a manufacturer of single crystal diamond plates for industrial purposes. Contact us today to order single crystal diamond plates of any size with worldwide delivery.

Personalized Diamond Plate Order

You can order any plates in different sizes. We make materials to suit any application. Leave your details in the contact form below to get prices.

What is Single Crystal Diamond (SCD)?

Single Crystal diamond plates epitomize the pinnacle of materials science innovation. Owing to through-plane thermal conductivity reaching 2200 W/mK, SCD plates provide  heat channeling solutions essential for managing temperatures in state-of-the-art lasers, high-power electronics, and quantum computing cores.

Meanwhile, the flawless alignment of the diamond cubic lattice delivers a high refractive index of 2.4, making SCD an ideal material for precision optics across electromagnetic spectra from deep UV to far infrared.

Leveraging proprietary chemical vapor deposition processes, we custom-manufacture SCD layers with controlled thicknesses and crystal orientations suited for the most demanding scientific and defense applications.

Simply put, single Crystal Diamond plates offer a unique combination of extreme heat dissipation, optical transparency, and structural stability unmatched by any other existing material.

Application of Single Crystal Diamond (SCD) Plates

The extreme thermal conductivity of single crystal diamonds enables superior heat channeling solutions essential for thermal management in high-power lasers, processors, and quantum computing devices. Meanwhile, the perfect cubic lattice makes SCD an ideal material for precision UV and infrared optics leveraged in space systems, spectroscopy, and telecommunications.

Additionally, the inertness and biocompatibility of lab-grown SCD hold unique potential for advanced medical devices and implants safe for the human body.

In summary, the exceptional thermal, optical, and chemical attributes of single crystal diamond plates position them as a truly transformative platform material underpinning the most sophisticated technologies of the future - from electronics to quantum tech to biomedicine and beyond.