All of LaBrilliante Diamonds are as grown, meaning that no other processes had been applied since the original growth, however there are some methods that can be used in order to improve the color of a diamond and which are commonly used on mined diamonds. One of color enhancement process that’s used on certain diamonds is HPHT-treatment. An HPHT stand for High Pressure High Temperature, which is very similar to nature treatment, is a process which is very similar to nature, putting the diamond back into the environment in which is formed.

Different elements trapped in the molecular structure cause color in natural diamonds. For example, blue diamonds are a result of the presence of boron in the diamond. The HPHT process recreates the high pressure and high temperature conditions that existed naturally within the mantel of the earth during the formation of the diamond to allow these different natural elements to relax and display their natural color. Highly sophisticated machines expose the diamond to heightened heat and pressure resulting in the change of color. The main limitation of this process is the requirement of using very clean diamonds (VS1 clarity and better), for any small feathers in the diamond will result in worsening or even chipping of the diamond during the exposure to high pressure

The HPHT treatment is absolutely permanent and irreversible.