As Grown vs Treated Lab Diamonds

All of LaBrilliante Diamonds are as grown, meaning that no other processes had been applied since the original growth, however there are some methods that can be used in order to improve the color of a diamond and which are commonly used on mined diamonds. The HPHT (High Pressure High Temperature) treatment is a common color enhancement process used in the diamond industry. This process involves exposing the diamond to a controlled high-pressure and high-temperature environment, which is similar to the natural conditions in which diamonds are formed in the earth's mantle. The goal of the HPHT treatment is to bring out the natural color of the diamond by relaxing different elements trapped in its molecular structure.

In nature, the color of diamonds is a result of various elements present in the molecular structure. For instance, blue diamonds get their color from the presence of boron. During the HPHT process, the diamond is subjected to high heat and pressure, which recreates the conditions that existed in the mantle of the earth during the formation of the diamond. This allows the different elements to display their natural color.

The HPHT process requires the use of advanced machines that can control the pressure and temperature conditions precisely. It is essential to use high-quality diamonds (with a clarity grade of VS1 or better) for the HPHT treatment, as any inclusions or impurities can lead to a worsening or even chipping of the diamond during the exposure to high pressure.

It is crucial to note that the HPHT treatment is a permanent and irreversible process, and once a diamond has undergone the treatment, its color will remain unchanged for its lifetime. This process is a popular choice among diamond cutters and polishers who are looking to bring out the natural color of the diamond and increase its value. The HPHT treatment is an important aspect of the diamond industry, and its significance lies in its ability to bring out the natural color of diamonds and enhance their value.

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