Lab-created Diamonds Have Grown 50% in Size Over The Year

This year’s JCK show had quite a lot in store for the lab-grown diamond industry. From the increased sales to the out-of-the-blue announcements, such as De Beers repurposing their LightBox factory to growing only industrial diamonds. Perhaps the biggest surprise however came in the form of the record-breaking man-made gem.

The new largest lab-created diamond is a square-ish emerald cut that weighs astonishing 75.33 carats with measurements of 23.01x22.15x13.93mm.The IGI-graded gemstone was cut from the 190-carat CVD rough piece and took around 300 days to be made. This milestone is called Celebration of India and marks the 75th anniversary of the country’s independence. The diamond shows how fast the growing technology advances. A 50.25 carat stone was shown at JCK 2023 that had become the largest lab diamond at that time. Now, a year later the man-made diamonds have truly grown 50%, when it comes to the largest sizes possible.

Celebration of India is not the only miracle that was shown at this year’s exhibition. Attendees could also take a look at a 30.69 carat ring made entirely of a lab-grown diamond. While there were already a few rings cut from the single rough crystal, they have never been this big. The Infinity Ring, as it was called, took almost 240 days to be made. Its existence proves that lab-grown diamonds can create a way for the skilled artisans to cut the most unique and amazing shapes that nobody could have imagined to be possible before.

Ever-advancing growing technologies provide limitless possibilities, and we expect to see even more milestones like this in the following years. If you desire to craft your one-of-a-kind diamond or a jewelry item, we’re always happy to help.

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