Big Industry Names Go Deeper Into Lab-Grown Market

This spring is going strong for the lab-grown diamond market. Over the last few weeks we saw some announcements and new launches from renowned jewelry brands. The trend is crystal clear: all of them are getting involved more in lab-created stones. Since this part of the market is becoming more supported and legitimized, it’s likely that lab-grown diamonds will sell even better the following season. And high-end sales are going to be a big part of that.

After last year’s experiment with Carrera Plasma, Tag Heuer, the famous watch company, introduced an upgraded model set with even more lab diamonds that will become available in September. New watch features over 15.5 carats of man-made stones. Another variation has pink lab-grown diamond acting as a watch crown. This is the first, but certainly not the last time the company applies colored man-made diamonds in their design. Both models are proof that manufactured gems track well when set in the luxury watches. There’s a very high chance that other high-end watchmakers will follow Tag Heuer’s example in the near future.

Tag Heuer is not the only brand that doubled down on lab-grown diamonds. Helzberg Diamonds, a big US-based retail chain, which has been selling jewelry with lab stones for some time, recently announced a new collection of jewelry called rêve. The pieces are set with only man-made diamonds that are rated and certified as sustainable by SCS Global Services. Following this announcement, Helzberg Diamonds has become the first US retailer accredited under the Jewelry Sustainability Standard. The rêve collection features engagement rings with SCS-007 certificates. According to Julie Yoakum, president of Helzberg Diamonds, their goal is to provide “sustainability-minded customers with a new choice of diamonds that meets their expectations”. Helzberg Diamonds is the high-end retail chain and with their new collection they put in front the eco-friendly and socially-responsible aspects of lab-grown stones, and not the price difference, which many smaller chains use for promotion. This again proves that jewelry with lab-created stones can be the premium product, and the real catch is the designs and brand recognition.

When it comes to brand recognition, Jean Dousset is certainly the person to talk about. He is a famous descendant of Louis Cartier that followed his great-great-grandfather’s footsteps and started his own jewelry company. Jean Dousset launched the lab-grown diamond collection a couple of years ago. Now he's completely switching his business into the lab-grown category. All of his jewelry will now only be set with man-created stones and will feature only recycled metals. “Mined diamonds inherently come with limitations and tension, whether it’s around price, the cut, clarity, color or carat size. Our evolution to exclusively work with the highest quality lab diamonds eliminates the barriers in acquiring the luxury jewelry you desire without any sacrifice,” Dousset said about the full reimagining of his name brand.

Whether it's a high-end brand, large retail chain, or a member of a famous dynasty, lab-grown diamonds are being integrated into every part of the jewelry industry, with no limitations. What latest launches and announcements show is that the customer’s demand is there, it will only continue to grow. For a jewelry store, having a lab diamond to offer a particular customer is essential. If you haven’t tipped your toes into the lab-grown category, there’s no better time than now. And LaBrilliante is here to help.

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