Why Lab-grown Diamond Jewelry Piece Is A Perfect Holiday Present

Holidays are right around the corner. The high season is peaking, and brick-and-mortar stores are getting filled with customers. This is the chance for the jewelers to sell out their inventory and drastically increase their last-quarter margin profit, and lab-grown diamonds can play a significant role in it this year. What makes them such an exceptional product? LaBrilliante is here to answer this question.



Popularity of lab-created diamonds seems to be growing every week. According to Google’s recent Holiday 100 report, searches for lab-grown tennis necklaces or tennis bracelets have multiplied over the last year. As the consumer’s awareness increases, so does the desire to wear the jewelry with man-made stones. 

Mejuri, a young and very popular jewelry brand, only offered mined diamonds since its launch in 2015. Last week, it introduced their first collection with lab gems. Eco-friendliness is the huge angle for the company, as it only applies the manufactured diamonds that are rated sustainable by SCS Global Services. Millennial and Gen Z, the brand’s target audience, are expected to respond extremely positively to such promotional aspect.

Brands are not the only driver beyond the LGD’s popularity. Such celebrities as Rihanna and Anne Hathaway boost sales tremendously just by wearing the jewelry with manufactured diamonds. However, the biggest recent advertisement was by none other than Taylor Swift, who wore a lab diamond tennis necklace at one of the Kansas City Chiefs games. Tones of women want to take after their icons, and Taylor is arguably the biggest one. So it’s no surprise that the tennis bracelets with lab-grown stones are expected to be the best seller and one of the main Holiday gifts this season.



Lab-grown diamonds used to be something that was rather hard to come by. It was required to actively search for a single local jeweler in the area who would sell them. Now, consumers can find them almost anywhere. While the younger generation prefers to buy diamonds from one of the online brands, there are still countless consumers who rush to the physical stores for their jewelry needs. And they are lucky.

Depending on what is required, customers can find perfect presents with lab-grown diamonds at the high-end showroom, local moms-and-pops, or - for the most inexpensive options - even in Walmart. Nowadays it’s way stranger for the jewelers not to offer lgd’s, as they are clearly missing on customers, sales, and profit.


The affordability of lab-created diamonds is one of their strongest attributes in the eyes’ of the consumer. Transparent and fair pricing is expected to influence many shoppers this holiday. As so many consumers are concerned about saving up, choosing a gift that doesn’t break the bank becomes the main priority this season. This is where lab-grown jewelry checks all the boxes. When you can make your loved one look like a celebrity, and simultaneously don’t need to invest a lot of time and huge amounts of money in it, why settle for less? This is why lab-created diamonds will be the winner of this holiday season.


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