Lab-grown Diamonds Are Closing On Mainstream

According to Vogue, lab-grown diamonds are making it into the mainstream conversations, even outside of the standard jewelry and fashion discourse. With backing from famous brands and popular celebrities, as well as strong push on Social Media platforms, many environmentally conscious consumers are now aware of man-made gems, even if they don’t really know anything about diamonds.

This is something that is happening in every corner of the world. While fresh contemporary lab-grown focused brands emerge in the USA and Europe, huge companies and even governments are investing in lab gems in Asia, such as China's Henan province or Indian Ministry of Finance. This paradigm shift helps man-made stones evolve as a product. An exhibition solely dedicated to lab-created diamonds successfully took place last week in the Indian city of Mysuru. While it was the first of its kind, it’s likely not going to be the last.

With so many success stories, such as South Korean KDT Diamond turning from a small mined rough importer into a huge lab diamond producer, many analysts are afraid of oversupply and ever-increasing competition. However, a lot of big names in the jewelry industry think otherwise. One of them, Neil Lane, an engagement ring trendsetter, known for the The Bachelor, has recently designed a collection of Kay Jewelers’ bridal rings with manufactured stones. And he’s only one of many popular designers accepting man-made gems.

While supply is rising, it’s still catching up to the demand. New lab-grown brands develop projects and jewelry collections every other week, as they mix the artistry with technological achievements. This combination is what the lab-created gems are all about. And it will always be in demand of retailers and jewelry consumers.

Whether it’s famous fashion magazines, celebrities, or established business owners: everybody talks about lab-grown diamonds. So if you have a question about man-made stones, don’t hesitate to contact LaBrilliante. We will know how to assist you.

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