LaBrilliante Experiences: Lab-grown Diamonds Shine At JCK 2021

Last days of August felt refreshing inside The Venetian Resort and Hotel. The JCK show returned after the global lockdown of 2020, but now with new rules, new tricks, and new themes for conversations. While the attendees and the exhibitors seemed happy to be back after a 2 year-long absence, the masks on their faces weren’t the only thing to remind people about COVID-19. The ways for the jewelry businesses to survive and move forward after the pandemic were the main subjects discussed privately and at conference halls. And lab-grown diamonds were certainly proposed as one of those ways.

The speakers were talking about building up the businesses on the idea of social and environmental responsibilities, as well as improving the digital presence with boosting up online marketing and sales processes. The great increase of lab-grown diamond sales were constantly brought up as an example of the work of general product marketing based around sustainability and affordability.

Although, the Vegas show has always been less about seminars and sessions, and more about retailers stocking up. And this time it seemed even more so, since the JCK had never before been held so close to the approaching high season. Last year saw disruptions in supply chains of different materials: diamonds, gemstones and even metals. This year’s JCK show saw buyers on the hunt to purchase the goods in bulk and to find the best and most committed suppliers. Of course, mined diamonds didn’t lose in popularity and even gained some, especially fancy shapes. However, the biggest trends of the show were colored stones, pearls, yellow gold jewelry, and lab-grown diamonds.

And there were plenty of lab-created diamonds at the exhibition: biggest CVD-grown round brilliant cuts, colored fancy shapes, and finished pieces with the unique designs. Lab-grown diamond pavilion looked more professional than at the two previous shows. Companies spent significant amounts on polished ads, colorful banners, and interior of their booths. The difference in marketing and brand positioning seemed to reflect the switch in the industry. The 2018’s section had the start-ups, while this year’s featured experienced industry players with the increasing numbers of sales.

The virtual stands were another innovation related to COVID. While there were a lot of companies present, there were many of those who couldn’t make it due to the virus. The stands were a way for such businesses to engage by presenting the fields, histories and prides of the non-exhibiting companies, and connecting them with the potential clients.

While Labrilliante was one of the suppliers that chose not to exhibit because of the ongoing pandemic, we are grateful to everybody who came to our virtual stand to learn a little bit more about us. We also want to thank our partners who took their time to meet with our representative at the show. With the growing number of newcomers to the lab-grown diamond industry, we see the success of our enterprise, but also the requirement to be even more competitive. And LaBrilliante is ready to continue to be the leading manufacturer and provide the best service for all of our dear partners and for all the partners that we hope to reach in the future. We hope to see you approach our booth at JCK 2022.