Tips To Better Sell Lab-Grown Diamonds

LaBrilliante Shares 7 Tips To Better Sell Lab-Grown Diamonds

Just a few years ago it was impossible to imagine how large the demand for lab-grown diamonds would become. Over half of jewelers across the United States are now carrying man-made gems in their store, and that figure is only increasing. Still, some retailers haven’t yet decided whether or not to start offering lab-growns to their customers. They are afraid to disrupt their sales of mined diamonds, and that fear is sometimes based on the lack of experience of working with this type of product. LaBrilliante came up with tips to help you with a smooth start of a lab-grown arm of your business, or to increase your sales of lab-created stones.

Show the benefits

If you put a diamond that came from Earth and the one that came from a lab next to each other, nobody will spot the difference. The brilliance of two gorgeous stones will catch their eye. You’ll need to go deeper with your customer to demonstrate the unique qualities of each. While mined diamonds hold their value and can be a great choice for people who’re looking to spend a lot on a class purchase, lab-grown diamonds are a better pick for people looking for more affordable and sustainable jewelry. Promote mined diamond as a unique historical object, and man-made diamond as an eco-friendly and ethical choice. Show the strength of both types of diamond and let your customer decide between them.

Don’t diversify the product

While some people may think that lab-grown diamonds are made strictly for fashion jewelry, this is far from the case. More and more luxury brands are implementing manufactured gems into their designs, such as Tag Heuer. According to LUXUO, both Cartier and Bvlgari are looking into starting doing the same. Lab-grown diamonds can be applied for a one-of-a-kind luxury piece, or a pair of simple studs, just as the mined diamonds. It’s all about the design. According to Sustainable Brands, “Luxury doesn’t have to be expensive, it’s unique, it’s how it makes you feel, and it’s good for the environment”. Don’t diversify your product and be ready for any kind of request.

Diversify the customer

There’s no need to diversify the product, but reading a customer is required. You need to understand what your customer is looking for exactly, what budget they have, what their values are. This is the key to successfully selling both mined and lab-grown diamonds in your store. Offer more man-made stones to younger shoppers and sell mined diamonds to more traditional public who have money to spend.

Invest in quality

As demand for lab-grown diamonds grows stronger, so does the supply. Numbers of jewelers switching their business to lab-created direction or are increasing with every passing day. How do you stand out? Find a trusted supplier of a top quality product. Just like mined diamonds, not all of the lab-grown are perfect. Some have yellow, brown, gray, or blue tint. Some have noticeable inclusions. And the most important thing is some of the lab-grown diamonds aren’t cut and polished in accordance with the excellent proportions standards. The variety in quality of the lab diamonds from different suppliers is as large as from the suppliers of the mined stones. By having only top quality diamonds in regards to cut, color and clarity, you’ll show your customers how important it is for you to give them the most gorgeous stones there are.

Educate your customer

Over the years customers have gotten significantly more aware about lab-grown diamonds, but there are still a lot of things they might not understand or get confused by. A jeweler needs to be an expert. Explain to them the difference between mined and manufactured diamonds, between HPHT and CVD methods and the difference in outcomes before letting them buy. Let them get educated and make an informed decision. They will appreciate it and will surely return to your store for more.

Be creative

Create more unique pieces with unique diamonds that will surely attract new customers. While a simple solitaire ring with round brilliant cut will always stay the elegant classic, you shouldn’t be afraid to go wild. Use more colored lab diamonds, unique shapes, or fancy cuts for your central stone. With man-made gems, you can find more unorthodox options that will challenge anyone’s imagination. Don’t limit yourself to only what’s been sold before, create jewelry that you will sell in the future.

Listen To Your Customer

If we could give you only one tip, this would be it. Customers are coming to your store for a jewelry piece, yes. But they’re also there to be heard. Don’t force them into buying something. Find out what they truly need and give them that. Whether it’s mined or lab-grown diamond, it’s a customer choice. By allowing them to choose, you will increase your sales in both categories.

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