How to Buy the Right Bracelet?


Nowadays one of the most popular attributes of jewelry fashion known to be worn even in the ancient times are bracelets. The history of bracelet begins as far as 100,000 years ago and were worn by tribe people, they were simple and symbolized tribe affiliation. As for today, the variety of different styles and materials which are used open an amazing opportunity to create a masterpiece of your own and this guide will lead you on all aspects which must be known. 

First of all, identify the size of the bracelet by measuring the wrist size, the picture below will guide you.

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Measuring guide

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Other selection criteria

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When the lenght is known we move forward to pick the style of the chain. There are different styles for different occasions, for example a simple bangle (simple bangle link to pick) can be worn on daily basis as part of an overall outfit, while for special days many women tend to wear a tennis bracelet inlaid with diamonds. You can shop our gorgeous tennis bracelets collection.

Material that is used is also a part which shouldn't be forgotten, a yellow gold bracelet will highlight and drow attention when worn with light colored clothes, while white gold or platinum is mostly worn with darker outfits thus creating a perfect combination. 


Overall there is no better way to determine which bracelet suits you the most than to see different styles. You can take a close look at our latest LaBrilliante collections by following the link below or you if are looking to make a custom designed unique tennis bracelet, you can always get in touch with our professional jewelers.