Best Lab-Created Diamond Gifts for Special Occasions

At LaBrilliante we value any occasion as something special and that is why we create different collections to fit any purpose, whether you would like to gift a lab created diamond jewelry piece to your girlfriend or make a memorable gesture to your relatives, with our help both can be done just perfectly! 


or wedding anniversaries, many choose to gift a diamond band. The number of diamonds on the band can commemorate the years spent together. Or, the diamond band can be an upgrade or addition to the band and ring set she already wears. Other popular gifts for anniversaries are gemstone jewelry. For certain anniversaries particular gemstones are traditionally given. Although jewelry of any kind is welcome, most prefer to gift pendants or earrings. Halo styles are especially popular as they have both significance and wow factor.


Birthdays are another great occasion for jewelry gifting. Pendants, earrings and rings are all popular gifts for this occasions. They can be a memorable gift that is perfect for special days or daily wear. You can always find the perfect gift among our LaBrilliante collection! 

Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day jewelry can be a special way to celebrate your love. We recommend getting jewelry that has some sentimental value such as a infinity pendant, a love knot or a heart pendant. These styles represent your unique love story. Earrings can also be great gifts.

Mother's Day

The key to any mother's heart is a beautiful piece of jewelry. Finding something that reflects her tastes will be something she truly treasures. Key pendants, solitaire pendants and cluster pendants are great ideas.